About Economic Models

Economic Models Ltd. Israel’s foremost macroeconomic research and economic consulting firm, provides its subscribers and clients with focused economic analyses and forecasts, as well as dedicated consultancy services. For over two decades, Economic Models has provided services to Israel’s leading corporations and has participated in numerous leading commercial projects in Israel and abroad

Economic Models
was founded in 1986 by Dr. Yacov Sheinin, utilizing his considerable experience in applied economics and management of large projects in Israel and overseas.

Company Overview

Economic Models is the Israeli representative to Project Link, a joint UN / University of Pennsylvania project for generating global economic and trade forecasts.
Economic reports produced by Economic Models are also published in English, and are distributed to leading multinational corporations operating in Israel and abroad.

Main Activities

Based on its experience and extensive models, Economic Models offers services focused on its main areas of expertise:

  • Providing subscribers with up-to-date analysis and evaluation of current economic trends in Israel.
  • Continuous monitoring of major worldwide economic developments and their effect on the Israeli and world economy.
  • Analysis and demand forecasts by sectors and industries.
  • Economic evaluations and feasibility studies of large economic projects.
  • Company analysis and investment consulting.

Senior Professional Team 

Yacov Sheinin, Ph.D. Economics.President, CEO and Chief Economist
of Economic Models. Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the
Investment Committee of Capital Markets Models. Formerly Vice Chairman
of the Advisory Committee to the Bank of Israel. Dr. Yacov Sheinin received
his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and holds an appointment
as lecturer in economics at Tel-Aviv University. Formerly director of R&D
at Global Insight, Dr. Sheinin is an expert on domestic capital markets,
company valuations and domestic and U.S.economies, with extensive
experience in managing key economic projects in Israel and U.S. Read More 

Rachel Sheinin, Ph.D. Economics. Executive Vice President, Economic Models.
Vice Chairman, Capital Markets Models. Director at Modelim Mutual Funds.
Expert on the Israeli economy and taxation and with considerable experience
in constructing economic models, Dr. Rachel Sheinin is responsible for
the macroeconomic models produced by Economic Models. Over 20 years of
economic consulting and company analysis, Dr. Sheinin gained substantial
experience in analysis and consulting for public and corporate entities in the
aviation, electricity and construction industries.


Idit Sheinin, Information Database Coordinator. Holds a B.A. and M.A.
in exact sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Responsible for organizing and maintaining the company’s database.

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