Financial advice


Feasibility studies and valuations:

  • • Methanol and petrochemical plants;
  • • New IC fab for Tower Semiconductor;
  • • Private power stations;
  • • Waste disposal facilities based on novel technology.

Cost/benefit studies:

  • • Splitting Oil Refineries Ltd.;
  • • Estimate of damage caused by smoking – for Clalit Health Services;
  • • Passenger fare structure for Egged Bus Cooperative.

Business and strategic plans:

  • • Formulating business plan principles for El-Al, Discount Bank, Israel Military Industries, Israel Aircraft Industries, Oil Refinery and others.

Expert economic opinions:

  • • Elite – Tami merger;
  • • Expansion of the cable television market;
  • • Expansion of the petroleum distribution industry.

Programs for national tenders:

  • • New commercial TV stations;

• Tenders issued by the Housing and Development Authority.Infrastructure

  • • Economic feasibility of methanol based transportation in Israel, 2011
  • • Economic Profitability Analysis for Tel Aviv Light Rail – for Tel Aviv Municipality, 2008
  • • Business Plan for Egged, the leading public transport operator in Israel – 2007


  • • Economic Potential of Christian Tourism to Israel – for the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning, 2008
  • • Economic Profitability Analysis for the Aquaria Project, a large-scale tourist project in Eilat, Israel’s major tourist resort – 2007


  • • Israel’s energy sector analysis for Oil Refinery Ltd. 2011
  • • Israel oil and gas taxation – national policy recommendations, for Delek Energy, 2010
  • • Economic Potential for Hydrogen Storage – for Clean Energy Ltd., 2008
  • • Israel Natural Gas Economic Analysis – for Noble Energy Inc., a US based S&P 500 company developing gas fields off Israel, 2007-2011
  • • Economic Feasibility Study for Mishor Rotem Power Station – for Israel Corp. (IC), one of Israel’s major holding companies, 2007, 2009
  • • Profitability Analysis of IPP (Independent Power Producer) Plant – for Yam Thetys, 2006
  • • LNG Market Outlook – for Oil Refineries Ltd., Israel’s largest oil refinery, 2006
  • • Israel Natural Gas Market Outlook – for Yam Thetys, 2005
  • • Economic feasibility study of the merger between Delek and Sonol, two of Israel’s largest fuel corporations – 2005
  • • Economic Valuation of Ashdod Refinery – for Oil Refineries Ltd., 2005
  • • Business Strategy for Oil Refineries Ltd., 2004
  • • Economic Valuation of Delek group, one of Israel’s largest fuel corporations, 2004


  • • Policy Recommendation for the Growth of the Advanced Technologies Branch – for Israel Association of Electronics & Software Industries, 2007
  • • Economic Valuation of Tower Semiconductor, an independent specialty foundry manufacturing integrated circuits – 2003
  • • Integrated Circuit (IC) Global Market – 2002
  • • Economic Valuation for ECI, a leading supplier of networking infrastructure equipment – 2001
  • • Economic Valuation of Elron Electronic Industries, a technology holding company – 2001
  • • Economic Profitability Analysis for a new IC Fab for Tower Semiconductor – 2000


  • • ElAl Israel Airlines Cargo Operation Business Plan – 2009
  • • Economic Evaluation for ATG’s Javelin Project, a new aircraft suggested to IAI (Israeli Aircraft Industries) – 2007
  • • Business Plan for EL-AL, the national airline of Israel – 2006
  • • Economic Valuation of Standby Tickets – for EL-AL, 2003


  • • Economic Evaluation of Cellular Infrastructure – for the Forum of the Israeli Cellular Companies, 2007
  • • Economic Feasibility Study of the Israeli Police’s Transition to a Digital Communications Network – 2006
  • • Demand Forecast for Advertising in Israel – for Markstone, a private equity fund, 2006
  • • Evaluation of the Business Potential of Bezeq, the national telecommunications provider – for the IDB group, one of Israel’s major holding companies – 2005
  • • Accompaniment one of the groups participating in the tender for broadcasting on channel 2 – 2004
  • • The Economic Impacts of the Merger Between the Cable Companies on Credit Risks – prepared for the Dankner Group, one of Israel’s major holding companies, 2003
  • • Business Plan for Afik Rom Group, one of the groups participating in the tender for broadcasting on channel 3 – 2001



  • • Economic Estimate of Smoking Damages – for Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest healthcare organization, 2006
  • • Economic Analysis of the settling of hospitalization accounts – Clalit Health Services, 2001



  • • ATM Pricing in Discount Bank, one of Israel’s leading financial groups – 2002
  • • Business Plan for Discount Bank  – 2001


  • • Lack of excess-concentration in the Israeli Economy, expert opinion to IDB – 2010
  • • Zim Shipping Services – expert opinion, 2010
  • • PPA of stock acquisition of Tower Semiconductor, an independent specialty foundry manufacturing integrated circuits – for Israel Corp. (IC), one of Israel’s major holding companies, 2007
  • • PPA of stock acquisition of Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL), one of the world’s leading fertilizer and specialty chemical companies – for Israel Corp. (IC), 2006
  • • Economic Policy Recommendation for Reducing Poverty in Israel – prepared for the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning, 2007
  • • Realization of the Economic Potential to Reduce Inequality – prepared for the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning, 2006
  • • Economic Simulations for the US-Israel Science & Technology Foundation – 2006
  • • Venture Capital’s Contribution to the Israeli Economy – for IVA, Israel Venture Association, 2005
  • • Overview of the Biotechnology Industry in Israel – prepared for GlenRock Israel, a private equity investment company, 2006
  • • Israel Financial Assets Demand Forecast – for Apex, private equity investment group, 2005
  • • Demand for Mutual Funds in Israel in International Perspective – for Apex, 2005
  • • Local Market Analysis of P.V.C – for Markstone, a private equity fund, 2004
  • • Growth Drivers of the Israeli Economy – prepared for the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning, 2004
  • • The Israeli Defense Industry as an Accelerator to the Economy’s Development – prepared for the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning, 2004


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