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The reviews on this site are conducted by economic models and capital market models. The reviews are intended for informational purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation for the purchase and / or sale of any security, or a substitute for personal advice required for managing securities. The reviews deal with forecasts, which are essentially uncertain. In practice, significant deviations from forecasts can occur due to many factors. Therefore, professional skill is required to use forecasts, which are not public knowledge, and these forecasts should not be used without proper professional advice. The information presented on this website is incomplete and is not updated on an ongoing basis and may contain errors. Economic Models Ltd. and Capital Markets Models Ltd. bear no responsibility whatsoever for the materials written on the site. Models Capital Markets Ltd. is a securities investment management company for private customers and institutional entities Models Capital Markets Ltd. (wholly owned), a mutual fund model that manages mutual funds. Capital market models may prefer investment management services and / or investment marketing provided by mutual fund models. Models Capital Markets and Models Mutual funds hold, buy and sell various types of shares, bonds and foreign currency both in the local market and in foreign markets.

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